Made in India version of Industry 4.0

image of industry 4.0

Many of us know about the Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution and have adopted it. But still, there are many who do not even know about what is this fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 refers to the technique of smart manufacturing and processing that can coordinate the uncoordinated and disjointed production process and makes it run cordially. It provides with real-time and accurate data, which can lead to a path of efficient operations and workings.

Many of the nations of the world have adopted this fourth industrial revolution like Japan and Germany to improve the condition of their nation that is self-made. However, India is still not in a phase of generating its self-model of the fourth industrial revolution and is using the copy-paste version from other nations. It is the time for India to invent its original form of technique in its own name as using the techniques of others would not help it much. Made in India version of Industry 4.0 is needed for its growth and development.

However, before inventing its own form of technique, proper and systematic functioning of the industries are to be done. MSMEs and other industries should first of all focus on running their businesses in an organized and systematic way taking into consideration a specified and a suitable standard because of which a healthy running of a business can be encountered. Without a well-organized and systematic performance, creation of digitization will be very difficult to attain.

India should invent Made in India version of Industry 4.0, which will be made for India exclusively. In order for the industries, either big or small, to grow and develop, it is necessary for them to enhance their techniques and standards of operation. In order to dream of growing to a certain level, one should first of all needs to change his mindset, and should improve its standard of thinking. Opposing for anything will not provide with the result but, changing ourselves with the change in time will bring out the best in us.    

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