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In our country, people use to import second-hand machines from abroad; and in that case, there occurs the problem of unavailability of a centralized support system in India that manages the whole system. We analyze these type of machines and retrofit customized PLC-based solutions to fulfill machine requirement.

Our automation company provide PLC based Machine Automation Solutions to the Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our automation company have been providing excellent services in Machine automation field for 10 years.

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In our country, plenty of manufacturers has to use imported machines to manufacture products. A major challenge is that most of the time they did not get proper technical support to handle failures. Engineers from abroad are quite expensive and also it kills a lot of time. Our automation company provides customized PLC based automation solution to these kinds of customers. We use our experience to understand the process of machines; design and program control system according to the requirement of the machine. Our automation company use widely used products so that support from parent companies could not be an issue for the retrofitted machines.

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There are plenty of machine manufacturers in our country who used to make very good machines, but sometimes they lack behind due to a less organized and stable automation system. Our Expert team analyses the whole process and then make a very powerful self-diagnostic control system to automate the machine for optimum performance. We ensure proper documentation and hand-holding to the original end manufacturer. Cost of the system also plays a major role in the competition; We ensure the best technologies in very competitive pricing. We focus on the simplicity of the operation and we have a dedicated and well-experienced team working with us.

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