Smart Asset Management Automation System

  •   Smart Water Pumping Stations Monitoring and Controlling System
  •   Smart Cold Chain Monitoring and Control System
  •   Smart Lighting Monitoring & Control System
  •   Smart HVAC Monitoring and Control System
  •   Multi-Location Energy Monitoring and Reporting System
  •   Smart City IOT Solutions
  •   Ware Housing and Fleet Management System

Smart Asset Management Systems

Managing Remote Devices or machines was always been a challenge. As the complexity of assets increases, more complex management and operation system needed to properly handle the remote assets. Now Technology is helping organizations to manage their assets remotely over the internet or intranet in real time and, this technology is the automation technology. It saves a lot of time, energy, and manpower. To use remote assets with intelligence, we use cutting edge technologies supported by Big Data and Cloud Architecture.

Incredible Features

PDM, Data Pusher Series Smart Controllers are equipped with very user-friendly features which makes a system to globally fit in all asset management applications

Online Monitoring

Raily Report

Auto Emails

Configurable Alerts

Custom Reports


inbuilt memory

No subscription

FTP Reports

Third Party Integration

Modbus TCP

Modbus RTU

MQTT Compatible

AWS Friendly

Azure Friendly


Intuitive Widgets


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