FDM Server

FDM Server

Factory data manager server is designed to integrate, monitor and create maenigful reports for equipments and process data in realtime. FDM provides a better way to visualise assets. You can monitor all your equpment`s critical data recorded, monitored and reported. Better monitoring can definitely lead you to improved performance, optimized energy uses and prevent downtime.

Incredible Features

online monitoring

auto emails

configurable alerts

customized reporting

multi users

PDF, Excel, CSV reports

web dashboards

Mobile App



Modbus Communication

Rest API


Application Name




Energy Monitoring System
Energy Monitoring system provides meaning full reports on energy consumption of facility.
Chiller monitoring system.
Chiller monitoring system provides meaning full reporting on chiller plants, it helps in optimizing performance of equipment. VISIT PAGE
Production/Consumption Monitoring System.
Machine Production/consumption reports can be automatically integrated from machines, These reports help improving efficiencies of machines as well as humans.VISIT PAGE
Cold Storage Condition Monitoring System.
Realtime monitoring of cold storage temperature and humidity leads us on the path of energy conservation by continuous improvement of equipment without hampering quality.VISIT PAGE
Fuel Monitoring System
Continuous fuel monitoring can prevent theft of fuel, it will alert when system detects anomaly.VISIT PAGE
UPS Performance Monitoring System
UPS health and performance should be monitored continuously, it helps in preventive maintenance and also is energy saving. VISIT PAGE
Machine Downtime Monitoring System.
Machine downtime monitoring system provides insights on machine running performance, it helps in optimizing physical process and saves man power.VISIT PAGE
Pneumatic air Monitoring System.
Compressor monitoring system provides insights on pneumatic air performance in industries, air leakages can increase power consumption. it helps in optimizing pneumatics equipment operations.VISIT PAGE
Compressor Monitoring System
Compressors use significant energy in industries, continuous monitoring of compressors can save lot of energy and prevent downtime. VISIT PAGE
Solar performance Monitoring System
Solar energy can be generated to optimum level if we monitor and predict how much energy has to generated and how much is being generated. it helps in optimizing cleaning schedule of solar panels.VISIT PAGE
Tank Level Monitoring System.

Over Head Tank Level Monitoring provides real time insights on material/liquid availability and it helps in optimizing related machineries.

Power Factor Monitoring System
Power factor is very crucial in electricity bill, user should monitor PF in real time and get notified if PF deviates from range.VISIT PAGE
DG Monitoring System
Diesel Generators consumes diesel which is expensive source of energy, DG health and performance is necessary, monitoring helps in analysis and optimization.VISIT PAGE
Customised IOT Software Solutions
FDM can be used as customised IOT Software solution. any data can be recorded and monitored over internet and mobile app.VISIT PAGE
MIS for plant floor solutions.
Messaging information system can be created for factory plant floor by using FDM platform.VISIT PAGE

STEP-1 :- Identify and write your purpose of monitoring in detail.
Step-2:- Plan System Architecture for the integration of data. introduce intermediate hardware items to integrate data to the FDM server.
Step-3:- Make Machines and equipment communication compatible.
Step-3:- Install FDM Server software in Windows Computer.
Step-4:- Do desired networking and settings as required.
Step-5:- Verify Communication between FDM and devices.
Step-6:- Make Dashboards, Users, Alerts on FDM Software platform.
Step-7 :- Start analysing Reports, Dashboards, alerts in real time from the system.

Field Side Configurations-

1. All Electrical/Electronics Devices which has to be integrated shall be communication compatible.
2. Communication compatibility-Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, OPC UA, Modem Over TCP Communication.
3. All wirings shall be according protocol guidelines.

Minimum Server Configuration-

1. Windows 7/8/10 OS, 64 bit configuration.
2. 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard disk.
3. 100 MBPS LAN standard LAN Connection.
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